10 Reasons to visit the dentist before your wedding day

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. You’ll put painstaking effort into finding the right dress, the most amazing shoes, and the perfect venue. Your hair, makeup, and jewellery are all sorted. But what about your smile?

Having a healthy and bright smile is the latest ‘must-have’ for brides-to-be, and it’s not hard to understand why. After all, you’ll be looking back at your wedding photos for the rest of your life. So you want to look your very best.

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit your dentist for teeth whitening treatment before your wedding day:

Happiest day of your life – you’ll be smiling all day so why not make sure your smile is set to dazzle?

The best accessory – you’ve got the dress, the shoes, the bag and the make-up sorted – but none of them are prettier than a healthy white smile.

Wedding photos – you’ll be looking at these for the rest of your life! Naturally, you want to look your very best.

The first day of married life – Your new life starts on this day, and you’ll want to start as you mean to go on.

To dazzle your new husband with your amazing smile on your big day.

Feeling your best – it’s a huge day. With so much going on you’ll want the confidence that you look your best so you can get on with enjoying yourself.

Confidence – Knowing your smile is healthy and bright will let you smile all day without a second thought.

Costs less than the dress – dental treatments are not as expensive or time-consuming as you may think! You could get a beautiful white smile for less than the cost of your dress.

Wedding photos – it’s normal to feel a little pressure to look perfect for your wedding photos. A healthy white smile gives you the assurance that you look wonderful for these all important snaps.

Wedding glow – White teeth add to that special radiance that every bride has, we can help you achieve that classic wedding glow.

To ensure that you look your utmost best on your wedding day, contact a dentist in Cape Town.







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