5 misconceptions about veneers

If, like many of our Cape Town patients, your teeth have suffered from decay, trauma, excessive wear or discoloration – Porcelain veneers can be an ideal solution. Veneers are an excellent way to conceal stains and correct minor misalignments, leaving you with a white, bright and beautiful smile.


Despite the beauty and versatility of veneers, some people shirk at the prospect of getting them because of myths they have encountered. Here are five of the most common misconceptions our cosmetic dentists hear about porcelain veneers:


Misconception No. 1: The application is painful.

Like any major dental procedure, veneers are applied after a patient has been given a local anesthetic, eliminating any pain or discomfort. There may be a tiny bit of sensitivity after the procedure but nothing that painkillers can’t handle.


Misconception No. 2: You only need veneers for the front of your mouth.

Veneers are most often placed where they are most visible: on the six front teeth. However, they can also be used on lower teeth and premolars to give you an all-around transformation. Veneers on the back teeth may even improve their function, making chewing more effective.


Misconception No. 3: The entire tooth must be filed down before veneers can be placed.  

While some reshaping is usually needed before placing veneers, most of it is minimal and a lot of the tooth structure is maintained. With dental technology advancing as it is, we may be able to place veneers without removing any tooth structure in the near future!


Misconception No. 4: Veneers only serve aesthetic purposes.

Although the primary goal of veneers is often to enhance the overall appearance of the smile, veneers can also be used to fill out cheeks and rebuild molars – enhancing tooth function is a definite benefit of this procedure.


Misconception No. 5: Veneers are unnaturally white and noticeable.

Modern veneers can be beautifully customized to match the thickness, shape and natural color of a patient’s existing teeth. Cape Town dentist Dr. Serfontein is something of an artist when it comes to building smiles so rest assured, your veneers will look completely natural.


If you live in Cape Town and have been considering porcelain veneers, contact our Kloof Street practice today to meet with our experienced Cosmetic Dentist – Dr. J. J. Serfontein. During your visit, you can express your concerns and find out if veneers are right for you. You can see Dr. Serfontein’s beautiful work on shows such as Mooimaak, where he assists contestants with smile makeovers and leaves them feeling beautiful and confident.



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