5 ways to eat like a dentist

Eating habits have a huge influence on your smile. What and how you eat will ultimately determine the fate of your oral health. Therefore, we have compiled a list of everyday eating habits among dentists, to ensure that the next time you schedule a dental appointment, your dentist will be smiling down at you.

1.    Avoid sugary chewing gum

Sweetened chewing gum leaves sugar in your mouth that damages the tooth enamel and spoils your gums. Try chewing sugar-free gum instead.

2.    Avoid sticky food

Sticky food clings to your teeth, increasing your chances of tooth decay. Toffee, fruit snacks, and even dried fruit can be problematic, as brushing cannot effectively remove all the obstinate particles.

3.    Rinse your mouth after eating

To avoid tooth decay and gum disease, rinse your mouth with a drink of water after every meal. This prevents prolonged tooth exposure to sugar and food debris, and helps to keep your oral health on top.

4.    Avoid acidic food

Acid found in foods and beverages will eat away at the tooth enamel, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

5.    Consume cheese

Cheese contains calcium that protects the teeth from acid attacks. However, it is important that you do not go overboard with cheese as it is high in fat.

If you have concerns about enamel damage that has already taken place on your teeth, or if you need help with crooked, missing or chipped teeth, contact a dentist in Cape Town, who specialises in providing his patients with smiles that would make every dentist proud.

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