Can You Get Braces on Dental Restorations?

With the increase in orthodontic treatments among adults, it is quite common for orthodontists to fit braces over crowns and bridges. If your orthodontist recommends fixed or removable braces to correct the alignment of your teeth, you may rest assured knowing that you can enjoy many benefits of your desired smile even if you currently have crowns and bridges. However, placing braces on dental restorations is more challenging than installing them on natural teeth. Therefore it is recommended that you seek a specialist when considering orthodontic treatments, as a few issues may arise if the braces are placed incorrectly.

The movement of the tooth is limited when fixed orthodontic appliances are installed over dental restorations. With dental implants, for example, the tooth cannot move because the implant is solidly fused into the jawbone. With dental bridges, the tooth movement is minimal, in order to avoid damaging the bridge. For patients with dental crowns or who’ve had previous root canal treatments, the teeth will need to move slower, and the restorations should be monitored during the course of treatment.

If you want to replace a dental crown or bridge for aesthetic purposes, it is recommended that you only do so after you have completed your orthodontic treatment. However, if your crown is loose, your orthodontist may ask your dentist to make a temporary crown before your braces are installed. You can always have your new crown once your orthodontic treatment is complete.

Each patient is unique, and although fitting braces on dental restorations can be a little more challenging, an experienced orthodontist can always find the best solution for your treatment and ensure that you get the smile of your dreams. Contact an experienced orthodontist in Cape Town today.



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