Visit Cape Town for Dental Treatment

Dr J.J. Serfontein specialises in cosmetic dentistry in Cape Town

Dental tourism is a growing industry in South Africa. There is a significant demand for cosmetic dentists especially in the Cape Town area so you will not be the first international patient the dentist has worked helped. Dr J.J. Serfontein has spent a lot of time travelling around the world attending conferences and has an active following on social media. It is essential that you carefully research your dentist and plan your trip abroad ahead of the time of your appointment.

Some of the main concerns associated with getting dental treatment in an unfamiliar country include the possibility of complications after the procedure. These complications can create more expensive medical costs. These problems can arise as a result of improperly trained technicians and dentists who use unsterile tools, incorrect tools, inappropriate materials and just a lack of sufficient regulation in the chosen country. This is not usually the case in South Africa, where dental regulations are stringent and well thought out.

Why Choose Optimal Dentistry?

Dr J.J. Serfontein adheres to the highest international standards and offers phenomenal support for all of his patients. He will give you all the information you may need in case of an emergency. There are plenty of reviews that are publically available for international patients. With his experience in cosmetic dentistry, and there are a lot of before and after images from happy patients.

Reasons you may want to travel to Cape Town

  • Planning is easy – you can book accommodation, flights and tours online.
  • MedicaltourismSA can assist you with all your travel requirements.
  • You get to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world during your stay.
  • Your treatment will cost you significantly less if you are using a stronger currency.
  • Cape Town offers idyllic views, magnificent sunsets, a bustling night-life, spectacular food, exciting safaris, awe-inspiring hiking trails and fantastic wines – everything you need for a wonderful vacation.

The average cost of dental treatments in South Africa will cost up to a 3rd of what a patient will pay in London. For example, loss of flights, three weeks accommodation and a smile makeover adds up to an estimated $55 000. Cape Town is one of the most affordable destinations for premium dentistry. The biggest motivator would be the price you pay for a quality service.

If you have any questions or concerns about receiving dental work in Cape Town, South Africa, please don’t hesitate to contact our practice. We’re happy to address all of your concerns and answer any questions you may have about your procedure or the city.

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