woman holding Clear Aligners tray

Clear Aligners at JJS Dentistry

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces that gently straighten teeth and correct alignment issues. They are a clear set of plastic alignment trays that are more subtle in appearance and safer to use than traditional metal braces. 

These clear alignment trays are designed especially for you and your specific dental needs. They are to be worn throughout the day, except while eating or brushing your teeth. Each alignment tray is worn for roughly two weeks before moving on to the next tray. The benefits of clear aligners include no food restrictions, normal oral hygiene methods, fewer office visits and shorter treatment time.

Clear braces are best suited for adults and teenagers and can be used to treat a variety of straightening issues, such as overcrowding, wide spacing between teeth, crossbite, overbite and underbite. Correcting these issues with aligners can reduce the chances of gum disease and abnormal strain on teeth.

Dr JJ Serfontein invites you to schedule a consultation to discuss your teeth straightening needs.

The clear aligner process can be summarised as follows:

First, impressions will be taken to ensure that clear braces are the best option for you. Next, a detailed treatment plan is developed to give you an idea of the final result. The custom aligners are then designed and your progress will be monitored, ensuring that you are comfortable and progressing well.

If this sounds like an exciting possibility for you, we encourage you to book your consultation right away. Clear braces can improve your appearance and, as a result, improve your confidence. This is our passion. 

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can be on your way to achieving a healthier and more beautiful smile.

Emax veneers: the future of dentistry

Emax veneers: the future of dentistry

Veneers are thin layers of tooth-coloured material that we bond to the front surface of discoloured or damaged teeth. The goal is to correct various teeth problems. Emax porcelain veneers are the types of veneers that we most recommended for our patients. The reason for this; they give your teeth the natural translucence and lustre of a healthy smile.

Emax porcelain veneers are made from lithium disilicate glass-ceramic. 

This material is well-known for its superior strength, even when cut into very thin slices. We adjust the clear ceramic’s transparency and light diffusion properties to replicate the structure of your natural tooth. The result is an unnoticeable restoration. 

When do we use Emax veneers?

Patients who want to enhance their appearance by improving the aesthetic quality and structure of teeth may benefit from Emax. Adults with misaligned, misshaped or crooked teeth are also good candidates. 

In addition, those with chipped teeth and teeth with inconsistent spacing and gaps can benefit. In some cases, we use Emax veneers as an alternative to teeth whitening. Emax not only re-shapes but also masks tooth discolouration and staining. 

The veneer process

At your first appointment, we will evaluate your tooth structure, facial features and bite to determine whether Emax is suitable for your case. Next, we will design custom Emax porcelain veneers for your teeth, giving you the option to “try your new smile” and see what the final outcome will be once you receive your permanent veneers.

At this stage, you can choose to change the size, shape or shade of your teeth to enhance your smile. If your teeth are unevenly stained, we may use multiple layers of veneers for the teeth that have more stains. This will help create a more uniform look.

Once you are happy with your brand new smile, we will send the design to the laboratory, where they will create your veneers. In 1-2 weeks, you will return to our office. Finally, we will bond the veneers to your teeth with resin cement.

The benefits of Emax veneers

Minimal tooth removal: The placement of all types of veneers requires us to remove some tooth enamel to create room for bonding. However, since Emax veneers are considerably tougher and stronger than other veneers, we remove very little enamel. As a result, you will experience little to no discomfort during the veneer process.

You can match the colour of veneers to your existing teeth: This allows for a more natural-looking smile and seamless integration. You can choose a precise shade and colour of veneers to improve the colour of one or more stained teeth, giving you the desired smile.

Preserving your natural teeth: You can preserve more of your tooth’s structure. Also, your natural teeth do not become weaker. Bonding with Emax greatly improves the strength of the teeth.

You can adjust the size of your teeth: You can make subtle to moderate changes to your teeth depending on your needs. Emax veneers come in thicknesses of between 0.3mm and 0.5mm. On the other hand, conventional porcelain veneers have a minimum thickness of 0.5mm. The thinness of Emax veneers allows for more flexibility.

Greater durability: Traditional porcelain veneers are prone to chips and cracks because of their thickness. Emax veneers are thinner and harder, offering superior durability. They also last longer than other types of veneers. 

More natural-looking: They allow more light, giving your teeth a more natural appeal. As a result, they will give you a boost of confidence, knowing that no one can tell you’re wearing dental veneers.

Are you interested in transforming your smile with veneers? Contact JJS Dentistry to find out if you qualify for our minimally invasive Emax veneers.

Smile makeover: A patient case study

Smile makeover: A patient case study

A smile makeover is a dental procedure that enhances the look and function of your teeth through the use of cosmetic and holistic and cosmetic dentistry. Some of the treatments used in a smile makeover are: orthodontics, dental veneers, tooth crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening and dental bonding.

Some people believe that it’s too late to straighten their teeth or get cosmetic procedures for a brighter smile. One of our patients proved that it’s never too late to improve your smile. 

Let’s take a look at how we helped a patient achieve the smile of his dreams in a short space of time. 

Short term orthodontics/6-month braces

Many adults want straighter teeth without the inconvenience of wearing braces for up to two years. Thankfully, a straighter, more beautiful smile can be yours in just a few short months- thanks to short term orthodontics

For our patient, we used 6-month braces to realign the front top and bottom teeth. During the consultation, Dr JJ Serfontein did a comprehensive examination of the patient’s gums, teeth, and oral health to determine if he was a candidate for short term braces. The examination includes taking intraoral and facial photographs, x-rays, and impressions of the teeth. Next, we sent the models off to the laboratory where they created his custom braces. At the next appointment, Dr JJ Serfontein installed the brackets and tooth-coloured and wires. 

Once treatment was complete, our patient was able to flash his straighter teeth with confidence!

Gum lift

Our patient had gums that rested too high on his teeth, so we opted to give him a gum lift. A gum lift, otherwise known as gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure that reshapes and evens the gum line to enhance your smile’s appearance.

During the procedure, Dr JJ Serfontein uses a soft tissue laser or scalpel to remove excess gum tissue and resculpt the gum line to expose more of the tooth. Dr Serfontein then uses sutures to hold the gum tissue in place.

The procedure took around 1 to 2 hours to complete. The result was a gum line that was more in balance with the patient’s teeth. 

Zoom teeth whitening

Our patient wanted a brighter, more youthful smile, so we gave him the Zoom! Whitening treatment. 

The Zoom® Teeth Whitening method is comfortable and easy. First, we check if you’re a candidate for the teeth whitening treatment. Dr JJ Serfontein performs a dental consultation to detect any severe issues. We will attend to these issues before we can whiten your teeth.

During the procedure, we coated the patient’s gums with a gel for protection. We then applied a layer of the ZOOM! Whitening agent to the teeth. Finally, a specially-designed laser light was positioned to activate the whitening treatment.

The whitening treatment was done in four 15-minute sessions, leaving our patient’s teeth looking whiter and brighter than ever. 

Our patient’s Smile makeover transformation

Take a look at the amazing end result of our patient’s smile makeover:

Book your smile makeover today

The smile makeover did more than just alter our patient’s. It truly boosted his confidence and changed his life for the better.

If you feel self-conscious about your smile, or you tend to hide it in pictures, a smile makeover can help. Smile makeovers at JJS Dentistry are a comprehensive way to address all your smile concerns at the same time. In the end, you will have a stunningly beautiful, and natural-looking smile that perfectly suits your facial features.

If you like what you see in our patient’s drastic transformation, why not book a smile makeover? In a matter of months, you too could have the smile you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic dentistry: A new year equals a new smile

Cosmetic dentistry: A new year equals a new smile

A New Year marks a beginning, and this is why many of us make New Year’s resolutions. It’s a great time to make positive changes in our lives and to get a good start. If there’s something you want to change or to accomplish, a brand new smile year seems like the perfect place to start. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments can help you get the smile of your dreams in 2021!

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how cosmetic dentistry treatments can improve your smile.

What kind of improvements can I expect with cosmetic dentistry?

 With the most suitable cosmetic dental procedure(s), it is possible for you to make several changes to your appearance. For example, a small change such as dental bonding can lead to teeth that appear brighter, and more uniform. On the other hand, big changes such as getting dental implants or veneers can even improve the shape of your face. 

When will I see the results?

For many years, cosmetic restorations have been a long process that generally requires follow-up dental visits. However, thanks to the revolutionary CEREC system, JJS Dentistry is able to provide you with cosmetic restorations that can be performed and completed in just a few short hours! As a result, you can see a difference in your smile in no time.

Types of cosmetic dentistry treatments


Dental veneers are layers of porcelain that cover the top of the tooth. JJS Dentistry focuses on giving you a natural look. The end result is a desirable colour, alignment or shape without changing the tooth structure for a bright, symmetrical smile. Our signature porcelain veneers can last for more than 10 years, as long as you take good care of them. 

Dental implants

Dental implants are metal frames posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone of a patient. Once in place, teeth can be mounted onto these posts- offering a comfortable, secure, and permanent solution for patients with specific oral health needs. In addition, implants can replace missing teeth, enhance your appearance, and help you chew better. Many of our patients say that implants help them talk, eat and smile with confidence.

Dental bonding

Bonding is the application of a tooth-coloured composite resin to repair a decayed, chipped, fractured or discoloured tooth. If you have a cracked, chipped, or discoloured tooth, dental bonding can give you the confidence to flash those pearly whites. Dental bonding is also a convenient, cost-effective and simple, way to improve the look of your teeth and protect them from future damage. 

Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening is quite popular right now, with many products available – ranging from unique kinds of toothpaste to whitening strips. For mild discolouration, there are many over the counter whitening products available. However, for more stubborn staining or discolouration, professional teeth whitening treatment may be the best option. For people who would like a whiter and brighter smile, Dr Serfontein offers Zoom® Teeth Whitening -a premier teeth whitening procedure.

Aftercare for cosmetic dentistry treatments

If you want to maintain your cosmetic improvements, start by paying special attention to your daily oral care needs. For instance, brushing and flossing effectively can protect you against oral bacteria and help prevent stains from forming. 

To further ensure that your smile is protected, keep up with regular dental checkups. During your visits, we can look over past cosmetic dental work to make sure your smile still shows off your desired improvements.

Schedule a cosmetic dentistry appointment

At JJS Dentistry, we have helped many people make great improvements to the way they look with cosmetic dental work. If you are interested in improving your smile, contact us to find out more about our cosmetic treatment options. We will advise you on the right combination of treatments to get the smile you’ve always wanted. 

It’s a new year, so it’s time to get a brand new smile! 

How smile makeovers transform your face

How smile makeovers transform your face

A beautiful, healthy smile does more than just change your appearance. It can truly boost your confidence and change your life for the better.

If you are self-conscious about your smile, or you tend to hide it in pictures, a smile makeover can help. With smile makeovers, we alter the shape of your teeth, the lining of your gums and align crooked teeth. The result is an aesthetically pleasing result that will compliment your facial features and structure.

Let’s take a look at how smile makeovers improve your appearance and boost your overall confidence.

Smile makeovers improve the look of your gums.

As we get older, our gums tend to shrink, so a certain degree of gum recession is normal. On the other hand, some people have gums that rest too high or low on their teeth. We call this a “gummy smile”. We use a smile makeover treatment called gum contouring to improve the look of your gums. Gum contouring is an advanced procedure that changes the shape of the gum line to even the gum line.

A smile makeover improves the appearance of your jawline.

Missing teeth can result in jaw collapse and shrinkage- factors that can alter the lower face and make it look more aged. We place dental bridges and dental implants into the jaw and function as brand new tooth roots. This stops the body from absorbing the minerals from the area around a missing tooth and keeps the facial structure intact. Depending on the extent of teeth damage, we may use dental crowns, bridges, to restore the visible portion of the teeth. This adds support to the lips to ensure plumper lips and more a youthful look in that area.

Smile makeovers can improve the appearance of your lips

Your smile is one of your most prominent facial features, and it aids in shaping the lower half of your face. Changes in tooth size or the narrowing of your jaw can allow the lips to sink in and lead to a more aged appearance. To solve this issue, orthodontic solutions such as Clear Aligners can be incredibly useful. Dental bridges, veneers, crowns and implants can also restore fullness to the lips by replacing missing teeth. They lengthen the visible portion of the teeth, helping to lift the lips and produce fullness to the area around the mouth.

A Smile Makeover Targets Wrinkles and Folds

Our teeth and skin develop together during our teenage and young adult years. They are proportioned to fit and blend in with one another. However, as teeth get worn down, the lower third of the face can actually shrink, while the skin remains the same. This forces the skin to hand down or fold, creating folds and wrinkles around the mouth,

When we reconstruct your smile as part of a smile makeover, we are able to restore the youthful proportions of your face. Using a better match between your skin and jaws, you will see a big improvement in these concerns.

Mooimaak smile makeovers

In the popular makeover show MooiMaak, Dr JJ Serfontein improves the lives of guests by making the very best of their personal and unique smiles. The participants were over the moon to be able to say goodbye to feeling insecure about their teeth. Everyone left with a confident step, a healthy smile, a confident step, and of course, a radiant smile. The improvement on their teeth and gums also had a positive effect on the beauty of their faces.

Take a look at some of the incredible Smile Makeovers we did for a Mooimaak participant:

You can take a look at more of our Mooimaak Smiles here.

For a smile makeover that will help your dreams come true, contact JJS Dentistry. Dr JJ Serfontein and his team have spent years creating smile makeovers for people across the globe. 

woman with veneers

Do veneers protect teeth from cavities?

You’ve bitten the bullet, and now you’re enjoying a gorgeous smile with porcelain veneers! Because of your new and improved smile, you’ve been feeling happier, more confident, and ready to take on the world. Your teeth are stunning, with no chips, cracks, and stains, so do you still need to stress about cavities?

Veneers are wafer-thin covers that cover the front side of your teeth. Porcelain has been used in dentistry for years because it is such an exceptional match for natural tooth enamel.

Porcelain is transparent, and we can match it to the colour of any tooth. It is more durable than enamel and resistant to staining. Ceramists who craft veneers are both artists and engineers. They create delicate paper-thin shells that adhere to the teeth, hiding chips and stains. Porcelain veneers can also align crooked teeth for patients who don’t need extensive orthodontic work.

Your porcelain veneers won’t decay, but the teeth they protect can! If you want to keep looking confident for years, you need to protect them. Thankfully, protecting your natural teeth with veneers isn’t as difficult as you may think. 

In this post, we’ll discuss how veneers work, what they do and how they protect the front of your teeth while hiding cosmetic imperfections. We’ll also discuss the steps you can take to ensure that your natural teeth are protected from erosion and cavities, and maintained for years to come.

What is the procedure for ceramic veneers?

Veneers are super-thin, durable casings that are permanently applied to the front of your teeth to cover small cosmetic imperfections. They can adjust the size, shape, and colour of a tooth, which makes them perfect for masking issues like cracks, chips, discolourations, or small gaps. These tooth-shaped coverings consist of white dental porcelain, which is well-known for imitating the natural shine of teeth and resistant to staining. While it may weaken over time, it will not decay.

Are cavities possible with veneers?

Although the veneer itself won’t get any cavities, the tooth it’s attached to still can. You can get cavities with porcelain veneers if:

  • The veneer doesn’t fit properly. For a veneer to fit seamlessly into your smile, we need to remove a layer of the enamel. If any part of the thinned enamel is exposed because your veneer isn’t on quite right, it can easily erode.
  • You don’t adhere to your oral hygiene routine. Remember, veneers protect the front of your tooth. If you don’t brush and floss regularly, the plaque that builds up can cause cavities on the other sides.
  • Chronic dry mouth. Your saliva is your body’s natural defence against plaque. Without it, bacteria can grow and quickly eat away at your enamel. Several factors cause dry mouth, including medications, illnesses, and lifestyle issues, so be sure to consult a physician.

How veneers stay white, bright and beautiful:

Your natural teeth are slightly porous, which means that the protective layer of enamel is full of tiny holes. These pores are healthy, but they also provide a foothold for surface stains and cavity-causing bacteria. Porcelain veneers are entirely smooth, with no openings for things to latch onto. This is thanks to a coating of special protective resin that fills any tiny openings.

How to protect your smile:

Make sure that you’re preventing cavities and keeping your veneers in tip-top shape with these simple tips:

  • Stick to your daily oral hygiene routine that includes at least two minutes of brushing every day and daily flossing.
  • Stay hydrated to avoid dry mouth and use water to rinse away bacteria that can cause cavities.
  • Visit JJS Dentistry regularly to detect and treat any potential issues before they 
  • Avoid hard, sticky foods that wear and tear the resin on your veneers.
  • Quit smoking to keep the edges of your veneers from discolouring and promote better oral health.

Remember, even though your veneers are safe from decay, the teeth they’re covering to can still get cavities. If you take care of them as well as you do your natural teeth, you can have a bright, cavity-free smile for years to come!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry | Worth the distance?

Cosmetic dentistry transforms not only your teeth but also your self-esteem. You’ll feel more confident and outgoing by achieving your dream smile. To start the process, you need to find the right cosmetic dentist in Cape Town.

You don’t need to settle for anything less than the absolute best – regardless of distance. Patients from many surrounding areas like the northern suburbs and southern suburbs make the quick drive to the V & A Waterfront for consultations at JJS Dentistry. We also see a number of international patients who travel to Cape Town from America, the UK and Australia just to receive cosmetic treatments.

Exceptional Experiences

Dr Serfontein is a trusted choice for high-quality dental care. Over several years of practice, Dr Serfontein has crafted winning smiles for both local and international clients, successfully changing the lives of those he has served. His detailed approach ensures you reach your aesthetic and functional goals.

Complete Cosmetic Dentistry Services

There is no “one size fits all” treatment plan. You need personalized treatment catering to your particular concerns. You need options. JJS Dentistry provides extensive services to create the results you want and need, including:

See Your Smile First

Cosmetic dentistry is a significant investment. You want to ensure you’re going to get the results you want before you get started. Now you can with our virtual smile design. Our experienced dentists use advanced digital technology to show you what your new smile will look like before treatment begins, so you can rest assured you’re making the right decision.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Patient Amenities

Our state-of-the-art dental office features advanced technology for more accurate diagnosis and treatments. Besides digital x-rays and impressions, we also use intra-oral cameras to produce a complete picture of your mouth and your oral health. Not only can we enhance the quality of the services you receive but also your comfort with sedation dentistry. 

Gorgeous Smile

Plan your smile makeover with only the best in the industry

Cosmetic dentistry has developed tremendously over the years, and smile makeovers are much more accessible. Before the age of social media, only celebrities and high profile people have access to information about this, and only they knew their beauty secret. The perfect smile is something that many people want. What that looks like is up to each person, but a specialist can help you establish a look that will be unique to your facial features. Sometimes we see something we like on a person, but that something would not necessarily suit us. The role of your dentist would be to ensure that you get what is best for you.

A complete smile makeover typically consists of a combination of different cosmetic treatments. These include teeth whitening of your natural teeth, getting porcelain veneers to hide any imperfections and to enhance your natural smile. Different people may have varied treatments to achieve a makeover. The treatment depends on the extent of the damage on the teeth. Nevertheless, tailor your smile with your dentist during your consultation because everyone is looking for total perfection.

The smile makeover treatment process

  1. Smile makeovers involve an essential design stage to create the best results. There is a computer system that processes an image of the patient’s teeth, which are redesigned using powerful graphics software to establish a guide. You can help design your smile and pictures of the look you are going for always help, so feel free to show your dentist.
  2. The next step in a smile makeover is to take impressions. Before creating your new smile, the doctor needs to create a physical model of your teeth so that the master ceramist can accurately create a 3d model from the smile design. The dental model is then used to look at aesthetics from angles.
  3. In the case that you are getting veneers or crowns, you need temporaries which are then placed using a template made from the 3d preview model. This preview is the trial smile before creating the final smile makeover. It gives you a chance to test out if you like the design before making a commitment. This process makes it easier to implement changes that you want to build into the final product.

This is a step by step process that is designed to ensure client satisfaction. It makes the smile makeovers highly predictable and uniquely fine-tuned to every person. Investing in a full smile makeover comes with an array of advantages. There is such a wide selection of treatments that you can receive, which will enable you to achieve your perfect smile and gain the confidence you deserve.

You can opt for a full smile makeover if you want to change your look although most candidates suffer from chipped teeth, stained teeth, a gummy smile or uneven teeth. These can lead to issues related to low self-esteem, which is why many people undergo a full smile makeover, to gain more confidence and smile bright.

woman with a smile makeover

A smile makeover that transforms your self-confidence

Dr JJ is a specialist in smile makeovers with clients from across the world. Medical tourism is not a strange phenomenon in South Africa, and you can get a high-quality dental transformation. This treatment encompasses a combination of different cosmetic procedures with a smile design to achieve your desired image. Depending on the look that you are going for and the status of your oral health, you will receive a variety of treatments including teeth whitening, gum contouring, dental crowns or veneers, among other possibilities.

If you are uncomfortable with your smile or you have crooked teeth, this can be changed for the better. A makeover is suitable for people who are looking to have a full transformation rather than a minor change. With a smile transformation, you change the structural shape of your teeth, the lining of your gums and correct the alignment of any crooked or displaced teeth. You can get the desired proportions that will compliment your facial structure and features.

Components of a beautiful smile

Every patient will receive a unique smile. No one smile is ever the same. It is advisable to come in with an image of a look that your desire, but it should be adjusted to fit your vision better. The best thing to do when looking for inspiration is to look for people that have a similar facial make up as you do. If they look entirely different to you, their smile will most likely not compliment your uniqueness. In your initial consultation with your doctor, you will be able to present what you desire to have, and your doctor will provide their professional opinion on what is best for you aesthetically and for your health.

What makes a beautiful smile is healthy looking teeth as the top priority. Good looking teeth are clean, have a natural white colour and fit the mouth perfectly. Sometimes our natural teeth are discoloured over time, are uneven in structure or are simply disproportional to the rest of our face. A perfect smile has all of these components corrected. The teeth are the same size, are not too big or too small, the colour is a pearly white that is fitting for your skin tone and your gums well aligned for the size and structure of your teeth and lips.

If you are looking to elevate your look, gain more confidence in your everyday personal and professional life with a smile makeover. Dr JJ is the best in town when it comes to this life-changing dental treatment. Contact our offices today for your consultation.

7 Ways Bonding Can Beautify

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure, but many patients don’t know exactly what it is or how it can help them achieve a beautiful smile.

The dental bonding procedure uses a resin material that is sturdy and tooth-colored. It is applied to the teeth while soft, like putty, and then hardened or set with a special light. The material bonds with the tooth and can then be shaped and polished.

We will usually consider the option of bonding in the following cases:

  • Teeth are decayed
  • Teeth are chipped
  • Cracked teeth need to be repaired
  • Large spaces between teeth need to be filled with bonding material
  • The roots need to be protected by bonding after gums recede
  • Discoloured teeth can also be improved using the bonding process
  • Bonding can make your teeth look longer or just have the general shape changed. Bonding is often used, along with teeth whitening as part of a total smile makeover.

Your smile can be one of your most valuable assets. The structure and appearance of your teeth, along with the lips, allows you to convey a range of emotions, and is a factor in how you get along in society.

Need a Crown? Here’s what you should know

Your teeth are among your most valuable possessions. That’s why your dentist goes to such great lengths to keep them in good shape. One of the best ways to prevent damage to a tooth is to protect it with a crown. Crowns are strong, comfortable and practical.

When good teeth go bad

Tooth decay is a progressive disease that starts at the top of a tooth and works its way down to the root. This means that very often your dentist can save the bottom portion of the tooth with proper intervention.

This is where crowns come into the picture. A crown rests on top of a damaged tooth and protects it from further harm. It also restores lost functionality, enabling the patient to eat, speak and perform other daily tasks.

Crowns are sometimes used for cosmetic enhancement. For example, a crown can hide a tooth that’s misshapen or discolored. Crowns can also be used to complete a dental implant or as a foundation for a bridge.

How Crowns are Placed

The first step is to administer pain blockers to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Dr Serfontein can also use a light to medium sedative if you wish. He will then file and shape the tooth to receive the crown.

The last step is to attach the crown using a special form of dental adhesive. In most cases, you’ll receive a temporary crown while the permanent one is crafted to fit your mouth in a dental laboratory.

What they’re made of

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, each of which offers its own mix of advantages and considerations. Choices include:

  • Metals such as stainless steel or gold alloys. Crowns made from these materials are exceptionally strong and can last for many, many years. However, some patients object to their metallic sheen.
  • Ceramic or porcelain. Crowns made from these materials more closely resemble natural teeth. However, they’re not quite as durable as ones made from metal.
  • Porcelain fused to metal. This option combines the aesthetic appeal of porcelain with the durability of metal. However, over time the porcelain coating can wear off, exposing the metal underneath.
  • Resin: The chief advantage of this material is its affordability. Crowns made from resin are more vulnerable to wear and stress than other types.

Care and Maintenance

Once your crown is in place caring for it is relatively straightforward. Simply follow the same steps you use to protect your natural teeth. This includes regular brushing and flossing, avoiding sweets, eating a healthy diet and seeing your dentist on a regular basis for cleanings and checkups.

Crowns occasionally fail over time. Sometimes this is due to tooth and gum disease, other times to ordinary wear and tear. Your dentist can give you more information on this important topic. In many cases, a dental crown is an effective treatment for a number of oral health issues.

celebrity veneers

Ceramic Veneers?

Get the ultimate celebrity smile with ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are thin porcelain shields that cover only the front face of the teeth and are minimally invasive compared to other types of veneers available on the market. They are a great permanent solution to change or improve the image of stained, chipped, broken or unaesthetic teeth. Ceramic veneers require extensive planning and accuracy to maximise durability and your aesthetic goals.

What does getting ceramic veneers involve?

Getting veneers usually requires two visits to complete the process, with little or no anaesthesia required during the procedure. The first step is your initial consultation where your teeth will be examined followed by matching the right colour from the available natural colour selection. The second step is creating your specially designed veneers and doing the final finishes to your brand new teeth.

Your teeth are prepared by lightly buffing and shaping the surface to allow for the thickness of the veneer to be placed over your natural teeth. An impression of the teeth is taken along with the right shade chosen by you and your dentist. On the second visit, the teeth will be cleansed with special liquids to achieve a durable bond.  And a special light beam is used to harden and set the bond.

Similarly to cosmetic surgery, the best veneers are highly undetectable. Bad ones often look way too opaque, white, too smooth and they have all these characteristics that real teeth do not have. Good veneers have the texture, translucent and the irregularity of a natural tooth. Getting veneers seems to be the most lucrative form of dentistry and the most rewarding, so everyone wants to do it.

Can I go to any dentist to get ceramic veneers?

It is not every dentist that can perform this procedure. Going to a general dentist for veneers is like going to your general physician for a facelift because they took a weekend course and offers the service now. Not that many people are really good at installing veneers, and that is why you see the horror stories.

Dr JJ Serfontein is the best in his field when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in the Cape Town area. You can relax knowing that your teeth are in good hands and that you are getting a premium service. With ceramic veneers, you get great value for your money. They do tend to be more pricey than porcelain veneers but they are more resistant to staining from smoking and coffee. If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee this solutions may be best for you.


clear braces

4 benefits of clear braces treatment

Clear aligners, otherwise known as clear braces, will straighten your teeth without the use of conventional braces (which can be an ordeal, especially for adults). Utilising the latest technology, clear braces are created specifically for your unique needs in order to promote tooth movement. This process is not only recommended in most situations but is much more comfortable than the latter.

Here are 4 benefits to choosing clear braces over traditional braces

#1: Clear braces are much more comfortable than traditional braces

Traditional braces are not only clunky in your mouth but often can cause discomfort and annoyance when they are tightened. Aside from this, food is frequently caught in traditional metal braces. Fortunately, clear braces can be removed at any time if there is discomfort or a situation that calls for removal, such as brushing your teeth, flossing, or eating.

#2: Clear braces treat teeth faster than traditional braces

It can take years for metal braces to straighten out teeth, sometimes up to 5 years or more. Clear braces can do the same work in half the time, sometimes only a year or two. Who wouldn’t want to take the shorter and easier route?

#3: Clear braces are much more subtle to your appearance than traditional braces

Traditional braces are most often associated with the term “metal mouth.” Metal mouth is a thing of the past because clear braces are virtually undetectable. Your smile will not suffer while your teeth are straightening themselves out.

#4: Clear braces are safer than metal braces

Traditional braces have been known to cause damage to teeth. Oftentimes, they may cause “white scare” on the enamel. This is when white spots remain where the braces were implemented. Metal in your mouth can also cause punctures and/or scratches to the mouth, gums, lips, etc. With clear braces, there are no safety concerns. No cuts, cavities, or disease.

There are a number of reasons why we would highly suggest clear braces over traditional braces. The world of dentistry has come a long way. In modern times, choose a more comfortable and safer option. To learn more about these services, do not hesitate to contact our office. We look forward to discussing your orthodontic needs with you.

You can have the perfect smile

When we talk about the perfect smile, we are referring to a beautiful smile that lights up a room and transforms your face. Sometimes we have small imperfections that prevent us from having the smile we desire. Your teeth aren’t the only problem, it’s the full package; it could be as a result of staining from coffee or teeth that are not uniform. Whatever it is, it can most likely be corrected.

There are minor and major procedures and treatments you can get from the dentist’s office that will elevate your smile. When you have a better smile, you feel more confident and people will notice it. Confidence goes a long way in your social and professional life. You become less shy and self-conscious which helps you focus on becoming the best you in all aspects of your life.

Self-care is critical in maintaining the perfect smile

It is important to take care of yourself in every way. Some things may seem like fun initially but can cause you more harm. Dangerous behaviour should be avoided and high-risk sports should be practised with caution and the right sports gear. You only get your adult teeth once. Safety comes first during physical activities to avoid knocking out or chipping your teeth.

In the long run, healthy teeth will lead to the best smile. You should never be in a position where you have neglected to care for your teeth and overall oral health. Ensure that you are using the best toothbrush, floss and toothpaste for you. Take time out to clean your teeth properly and have an in-office deep clean to avoid gum diseases and to treat any minor complications before they worsen.

Possible procedures to develop the perfect smile:

Maintaining a perfect smile is a health essential, but often a cosmetic enhancement makes a world of a difference. Dr JJ Serfontein is an expert in the field of cosmetic dentistry, from teeth whitening to full mouth makeovers, whatever you need, he is the best in this area. You can relax knowing that you are getting state of the art medical care available.  

Teeth whitening and gum contouring

Brightening up your smile can make such a huge difference to how you look. You look cleaner and healthier. While gum contouring shapes your gums to fit your teeth structure, this results in a less gummy smile.

Veneers can make a big difference

Dental veneers are very popular because people are slowly realising that their teeth could look better. With veneers, you can change the shape of your teeth to match your facial structure and features much better.

Smile makeover

A smile makeover this the ultimate improvement to your smile. It is a journey to a perfect smile specially designed for you. It is the process of improving the appearance of your smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures.

cosmetic treatments

Maintaining Cosmetic Treatments

Your guide to maintaining your cosmetic treatment

Cosmetic treatments have become so popular and accessible to the general public. Whether you have had a full smile makeover or a few dental crowns, your treatment needs to be maintained in the same way as your natural teeth. What happens when your veneers chip or your crown shifts for some reason. When you go for your bi-annual checkup your dentist will look out for any changes that need to be fixed.

Routine maintenance includes a variety of diagnostic procedures and treatments designed to maintain the health of the teeth, gums and mouth. These procedures include checkups, dental cleanings, examinations, oral cancer screenings and diagnostic x-rays. Your dentist is able to identify things like small chips that could lead to infections among other arising complications that you can not see.

Avoiding teeth staining

If you are not careful, you risk staining your teeth. Dr Serfontein does not just perform cosmetic treatments, he guides you through the maintenance needed thereafter. Cosmetic treatments like veneers, dental crowns and porcelain resin fillings can get stained from coffee, tea and some everyday foods but Dr Serfontein will give you an idea of how long you will need to avoid these beverages and foods.

It only takes 24hours for the plaque that is not removed from your teeth to turn into tartar. Daily home cleaning helps control plaque and tartar formation, but those hard to reach areas will always need special attention. At cleaning appointments, the pocket depths will be carefully checked to ensure that they are healthy. Plaque and calculus that is difficult for you to remove on a daily basis will be removed from above and below the gum line.

Treatments to maintain your smile

You have tried the so-called “whitening” kits from the toothpaste aisle. But they do not go far enough. With the Zoom whitening system, we can jump-start your brighter smile. Some people are born with teeth that are more yellow than others. Others have teeth that yellow with age. Your natural tooth colour can also be affected by many factors. We will be able to assess your oral health and recommend the whitening method that’s best for you.

A damaged tooth that still has a healthy foundation can be protected and visually improved with the addition of a crown or overlay. Porcelain crowns, also called caps, are natural-looking covers that fit securely over a compromised tooth to correct breaks, fractures or stains. Gaps in your smile are no laughing matter, as they can lead to the drifting of surrounding teeth. Dental bridges eliminate gaps by literally bridging the space between missing teeth. The finished result is a natural, beautiful smile.