Contour your way to a gorgeous smile!

When you talk about your smile, most people think exclusively about the teeth and how they look. Are they white enough? Bright enough? Free of chips or cracks? Are they straight and even? These are all important things to consider, and these things can all be fixed at Dr. Serfontein’s practice in Dock Road, Waterfront, but something which is equally important to consider is the gums.


Most people don’t realise that they can change the shape and of their gum line with cosmetic dentistry! Gummy Smile is a condition in which there is excessive gum tissue, which overshadows the teeth and makes them look smaller than they are. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may not have enough gum tissue covering your teeth, which make them appear overly large. If the gums rest too high, you may also be prone to gum disease.


Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry can solve these problems and give you a gumline perfect for your specific facial features with a procedure called gum contouring. Also known as gum reshaping, gum contouring removes or adds gum tissue to your natural gum line, resulting in a more pleasing ratio and better symmetry for your smile. A gum contouring procedure can be performed on its own, or Dr. Serfontein can combine it with other cosmetic dental procedures for a complete smile makeover.


Prior to the procedure, Dr. Serfontein will assess your face and your smile to identify the problem areas and the best ways to reshape your gums for optimal aesthetic effect.


If you don’t have enough gum tissue, Dr. Serfontein may need to take some tissue from another area of the mouth, such as the palate, and attach it to the gum line with tiny sutures. As it heals, the gum tissue will grow in place to create more aesthetically pleasing contours and a gorgeous smile.


In cases where there is too much gum tissue, Dr. Serfontein and his highly qualified team will carefully remove a small amount of gum tissue to create natural looking curves. With less gum tissue, your teeth will look longer and more appealing – leaving you with a stunning, bright smile.


Most gum contouring procedures are performed using a type of dental sedation. The type of sedation will depend on the extent of your procedure and other factors. Some patients prefer local anesthesia with an oral sedative to help them relax, while others may be good candidates for deeper sedation using an IV. Deep Sedation, sometimes called “sleep dentistry,”  allows you to doze throughout your procedure, and you’ll have no memory of the procedure once it’s complete.


Crafting perfect smiles is our passion – and our Dock Road, Waterfront, Dental Practice keeps up with all the latest dental advances in order to deliver gorgeous smiles to our awesome patients. If you’re interested in changing your smile, even just a little, give our practice a call and schedule a consultation. Dr. J. J. Serfontein will answer all your questions and give you his expert advice on the best procedures and techniques to give you an amazing result.

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