Correct crooked teeth with adult orthodontics

The main benefits of adult orthodontics include a healthier mouth and a better set of teeth. Most adults will typically avoid the possibility of getting fixed braces. Wire braces are chunky and seem childlike to many, especially when they are highly visible. The good news is that there are other options available for grown people – there are fixed and removable options that are not as visible as traditional braces. You can explore the best option for you after an oral assessment with Dr JJ.

Orthodontic treatments make a huge difference to the smile you want to show off, but doing it the traditional way usually takes years of patience, as it might be longer than you have anticipated. Candidates that have delayed or declined the standard orthodontic option due to the length of treatment now have a viable alternative. You can choose what is known as accelerated orthodontics, a form of therapy that is aimed at the same goal as regular orthodontic treatments but in a shorter period.

What is accelerated orthodontics?

Traditional orthodontic treatment takes a long time due to the limitations of the bone that surrounds the teeth; the slow and constant application of orthodontic forces triggers an induced process resulting in prolonged tooth movement. With this accelerated orthodontics, you can complete treatment in less time than traditional orthodontic patients. The acceleration is inflicted with a combination of advanced orthodontics and periodontal surgery, which activates the bone that surrounds the teeth. This process stimulates and softens the bone so that the teeth can be moved at an accelerated rate while adding new bone to create a better foundation for the teeth.

Alternative orthodontic solutions

There are also removable appliance solutions available. These include devices like maintainers, which serve the same purpose as fixed space maintainers. Retainers such as the popular clear aligners, which consist of clear trays that fit over your teeth and can be removed at bedtime and when you eat. Jaw repositioning, also known as splints, helps train the jaw to close in a more favourable position and can often be used for TMJ-related disorders. And palatal expanders designed to the arch of the upper jaw.

Dr JJ Serfontein specialises in different forms of cosmetic dentistry in the Cape Town area and is one of the most trusted dental practitioners in the country. If you suffer from crooked teeth and have low confidence that prevents you from being the best you, you can get an orthodontic treatment to realign your teeth without the unattractive look that comes with the traditional braces we know.

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