Cosmetic dentistry for older patients

With anti-ageing treatments becoming so popular, it should come as no surprise that cosmetic dentistry for older patients is also on the rise. In addition to keeping your teeth and gums in great dental health, dentistry can also be an option for you to consider when you are looking to fight the effects of ageing. Cosmetic dentistry offers the opportunity to recapture your sense of youthfulness and protect your teeth for the future. In this blog, we explore some of the dentistry techniques that can give older patients a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Oral health challenges that older people face

Shorter teeth. Teeth get worn down over time by chewing. When you reach your senior years, your teeth will be visibly shorter than they were when you were younger.

Receding gums or roots showing. Everyone’s gum tissue is gradually receding. Although a healthy oral hygiene routine can slow the progression of gums receding, it will inevitably happen to some extent.

Darkened teeth. The dentin in teeth undergoes certain changes as you get older. A lifetime of eating will bring your teeth into contact with the material that stains teeth little by little. 

Missing teeth. Receding gums can lead to tooth loss, which in turn can lead to the appearance of looking older. 

Cosmetic dentistry procedures suitable for older people

Teeth whitening. Magically erase darkened teeth with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Having this procedure done at a dentist is the safest way to get the whitest possible shade of teeth without harming your teeth. 

Dental bonding. Dental bonding offers a simple way to beautify your smile. The bonding process fixes damaged teeth, repairs chips, banishes discolourations and mends cracks. Implants. Implants are an excellent solution for missing teeth, as they anchor directly into the jawbone and function essentially the same as a real tooth. They’re a far better option than dentures as they stay in place as you speak and eat. 

Bridges. When seniors have individual teeth missing, we may consider a few options to fill in the space. For instance, we use a dental bridge when an individual has two healthy teeth next to the missing tooth space. 

Crowns. Getting crowns placed on your front teeth can make a huge difference in fixing both receding gums and shorter teeth. At JJS Dentistry, we offer CEREC crowns that get made in a single day!  

Veneers: These are ceramic fragments that perfectly copy tooth anatomy, shape and texture. We use the latest in dental technology to allow us to place these without removing as much of the natural tooth. Just like crowns, you can get these placed in a single day. 

Full mouth reconstruction. If your teeth and mouth have multiple issues, we may consider giving you a full mouth reconstruction. It is a procedure to harmonise the relationship between teeth, bone, gums, and muscles. We perform the procedure either on some or all of the patient’s teeth, depending on the severity of the complications.

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A person’s teeth can last a lifetime with proper oral care and regular dental checkups. For older adults, however, maintaining oral health and a younger-looking smile may be particularly difficult. Even if they brush and floss regularly, older people may still face issues regarding their smiles. Luckily, our skilled dentists can help meet most of these challenges successfully. Also, we consider several factors, including the smile, teeth, lips, jawline, chin, muscles, oral health and facial symmetry. In the end, you have a stunningly beautiful, natural-looking smile that perfectly suits your facial features.

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