Crooked teeth? Skip the ugly stage, choose Invisalign

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Invisalign is a comfortable method of teeth straightening, with the benefits of traditional braces. The treatment process consists of a series of clear tray aligners that you are required to wear for weeks at a time. These aligners like wire braces, apply a very gentle force to the teeth pushing them into the correct position. Invisalign is a great aesthetic solution to realign crooked teeth because they appear virtually invisible. 

The invisible aligners are custom-built to fit you and you alone. Due to how the trays are designed, Invisalign is the best for adults or teens and not young children because they are still in their development stage. Straightening a child’s teeth is more complicated. Their mouths are still growing the doctor must think about this when setting up treatment. They might also still be losing teeth and have new adult teeth coming in. 

You can only see Invisalign when you’re up close to someone wearing them, and if you’re actually looking to find them, but it’s still hard to spot. Unlike traditional braces, there are no have metal tracks or attachments to your teeth. You can remove Invisalign trays to eat more comfortably and to brush your teeth. However, it is required that you keep them on most of the time to get the maximum benefits.

Final Invisalign trays after a full treatment

Once you complete your Invisalign treatment with the final trays, it is time for retainers. These retainers are designed to look almost exactly the same as Invisalign trays. They will insure that your teeth remain in their new place and that they don’t shift back. It is recommended that you wear the retainers full time for about 6 weeks or as prescribed by your doctor. After that, you will only need to wear them when you go to bed and after seeing your orthodontist. You should refrain from wearing your retainers less than instructed without being advised to do so. 

You may be wondering why retainers are necessary once the Invisalign refinement process has fine-tuned your smile. The fact is, if not monitored, your teeth can shift back into their original position because nothing about our bodies remains constant; Everything changes as we grow older and that includes our teeth.

Benefits Invisalign has to offer

  • Invisible appearance
  • Comfort
  • Improved cleanliness
  • Saves time
  • Safe and removable at home
  • Eat whatever you want
  • Better overall dental health



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