Dental Amalgam VS Resin Composite Fillings

Dental fillings are used to repair cracked or broken teeth, as well as teeth that have been worn down. It is also used to fill a cavity in the tooth. Thanks to technical advances in dentistry, patients now have a choice between the tooth-coloured resin-based composite fillings and the traditional silver amalgam fillings. Although the resin composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing, it does not reduce the suitability of traditional dental materials which are stronger, more durable and less expensive.

Dental amalgam consists of mercury, silver, tin and copper. Because mercury is used as a bonding agent, there had been many concerns over the safety of amalgam fillings. However, after further investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it was determined that dental amalgam remains a safe, affordable and durable cavity filling choice for dental patients, as mercury becomes harmless when combined with the other materials in dental amalgam.

Resin composite fillings are made of plastic and ceramic compounds. It mimics the appearance of a natural tooth and is mostly used to fill cavities on front teeth. When dentists started using resin composites, they found that it wasn’t strong enough to be used on back teeth where chewing and grinding required greater durability. However, due to the improvement in dental technology, resin composites have become strong enough to be used to fill posterior and back teeth.

Dentists have to pursue additional post-graduate education in order to become proficient in composite bonding technology. Contact us for a qualified dentist in Cape Town who has years of experience with resin composite and amalgam fillings.



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