Dental bridges: How to care for them

Congratulations! You finally decided to restore your smile with dental bridges. Now that you can smile with confidence, you’ll want to preserve your bridges for as long as possible. Did you know that dental bridges can last up to 15 years with the right oral care? 

Here are some tips for looking after your dental bridges:

 Avoid chewing anything hard or sticky

Our dental bridges are made from ceramic, which is highly durable and strong. However, if there is enough pressure or force placed on the bridge, it will fracture. Avoid chewing anything hard like ice or opening bottles with your teeth. Sticky foods like toffee and some sweets are also a no-go. Eating these foods can increase the likelihood of damaging your bridges.

 Brush your dental bridges every day

Just because your dental bridges are artificial doesn’t mean they don’t require proper oral care. It’s best to brush your bridges (along with your natural teeth) twice a day to prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush; it’s gentle on your dental work but tough on build-up.

Floss meticulously

Flossing is a vitally important component for any oral care routine. Clean in between teeth to avoid gum disease or decay from developing between your natural teeth and bridges. Floss at least once a day- preferably before you brush to get your mouth sufficiently clean.

Use fluoride to protect dental bridges

Take special care to protect the gum line to prevent bacteria and plaque build-up in this area. Opt for a fluoride rinse or fluoride toothpaste to give your smile an extra boost against decay. This step is particularly important for those at risk of developing dental decay or have gum disease.

Keep sensitivity at bay

After getting dental bridges, you may notice a slight sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures for a short period of time. Talk to Dr JJ Serfontein about which sensitivity toothpaste could help reduce these symptoms.

Stay in touch with your dentist

Aside from caring for your smile at home, you should still keep your six-month dental cleanings and examinations at JJS Dentistry. We’ll check that your dental bridge is fitting properly and that your mouth is healthy. If your dental bridge falls out, please call us right away so we can restore it.

If you’re interested in transforming your smile even more, consider a smile makeover.

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