Dental veneers are popular, but they can go wrong. Get yours right!

Beautiful teeth are a part of the self-confidence of many, but they can go wrong if done incorrectly. Veneers can change the shape, structure and colour of your smile. They can provide a new smile free from imperfections such as discolouration and crooked teeth. For a very long time, using veneers to perfect already good teeth was mostly confined to the professionally attractive and fabulously wealthy high class. Veneers are not the only option, but they have become more common thanks to instant social media sharing and celebrities revealing their beauty and health secrets.

Dental veneers go wrong when they look too unrealistic. When they do not fit correctly, your new set of teeth can appear too bright on colour or chunky due to the original size and shape, or even pocky often because your facial structure and the shape of your mouth was not considered before the procedure. For the best new smile, your best bet would be to have reference images from people who have similar facial features as you, the smile that you desire and an excellent cosmetic dentist.

With clients flying in from all over the world, Dr JJ Serfontein is one of the best specialist dentists in the country who can create some of the most natural-looking veneer teeth. If you want peace of mind and a quality job, have a look at some of his best work over the years. Whether you have a few chipped teeth, misaligned teeth, unevenly shaped and discoloured teeth, dental veneers could be your greatest solution. The extent of the change is up to you and the professional recommendation of your dentist. You can work together through conversation and clear communication head of your procedure.

Dr JJ is proficient in various types of cosmetic procedures. In your consultation, you may find that you need more or less assistance to achieve your aesthetic goals. Even those who are the most self-conscious about their teeth can see a significant change from veneers. The doctor can install different types of dental veneers depending on what you need cosmetically and for the betterment of your oral health.

After you get your brand new quality smile, you will have instructions on how to care for your teeth so that you can maintain the results. You’ll need to treat your new teeth as carefully as you would your natural teeth. Keep your regular oral hygiene routine, but use non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste, preferably one that prevents cavities without aggravating your new teeth and exposed natural teeth. Routine appointments are always necessary, especially after a cosmetic change, so ensure that you maintain the quality and the health of your smile.

For the superior dental veneers, contact our dental practice in Cape Town today.

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