Five reasons to get your teeth whitened with Zoom Whitening

Getting teeth whitened can transform confidence. No one wants to sport a smile that is discoloured, dull or lacklustre. The more obvious reasons for wanting your teeth whitened, is to feel confident about flashing your smile this Spring. If this is true, then Zoom Whitening is the treatment for you. Having your teeth whitened with Zoom can result in teeth that are six shades whiter, in just an hour.

Here are five additional reasons to get your teeth whitened with Zoom:

You’d like a nice confidence boost

Wouldn’t mind upping your confidence a little? Having a smile that you’re proud to show off can give your self-esteem a much needed-boost. It draws in compliments from others too!

You’re starting a new job, university or career

Getting teeth whitened gives someone a feeling of “newness”. With a new, whiter smile, you feel ready to take on the new challenges in your life. It can help you stand taller, speak louder and create a great first impression.

You’ve a big event coming up and want to look your best

Got a wedding, anniversary or big birthday coming up? Of course you want to look your best. With Zoom, you can be more than prepared and ready to go for the big day out.

You want to spend your hard-earned money on looking good

You’re finally earning the money you want and have some left over to spend on improving yourself. You want to look healthy, effortless and natural and have a smile that is equally impressive. You know this would be a worthy investment of your time and money

You love wine, coffee and tea

You adore the three devils above, and don’t want to abstain from them completely. You also don’t want the stains that they can cause to your teeth. Having your teeth whitened can change this and remove unsightly discolouration.

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  1. Jeanne Schreuder says:

    What is the price for zoom whitening?

    • Hi Jeanne. Thanks for your question. We are unable to share our prices online, according to the HPCSA guidelines. Please contact the practice directly and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a quote. You can contact us on +27 21 424 5172 or email We look forward to hearing from you!

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