Full mouth reconstruction | What it entails

Our mouths are made up of many tissues, some are hard and others are soft. Hard tissue includes the teeth and jawbone, while soft tissue includes the gums, tongue, inner cheeks and the lips. These structures are being held up by connective tissues as well as nerves and blood vessels. In order for a human mouth to function healthily, all of these systems have to work together in harmony. Once any of these components fail to work properly, oral health becomes compromised, resulting in decay, oral diseases, and tooth loss.

Full mouth reconstruction refers to the procedure of rebuilding all of the teeth (both upper and lower jaw) that are damaged, improperly seated or lost. It can also be used to replace worn-out dental work and treat diseases of the mouth. Although each of these factors can be fixed independently, full mouth reconstruction is the best option when multiple oral health issues exist.

Patients with multiple oral health problems who are in good enough physical health to receive local or general anaesthetic, are certainly the best candidates for this procedure. Younger patients generally respond to treatments better and recover fast. However, older patients (80 years and older) present a greater risk with dental procedures. Therefore, treatment plans for older patients involve less invasive procedures. In addition, patients with heart problems or autoimmune diseases may require special consideration, so be sure to inform your dentist of all current medication you’re on, during your initial consultation.

Once the procedure has been completed, full mouth reconstruction can last a lifetime. However, patients who cannot – or will not – maintain good oral health, might not experience the lasting results. Smoking and/or the use of illegal drugs can also compromise oral health and the effects of full mouth reconstruction.

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