Get Ready For Your Next Big Event

The Met Gala was just held in New York City, and the red carpet featured many dazzling smiles. Many celebrities plan their beauty routines to work around busy schedules, especially for high-profile occasions where they need a glamorous look to walk the red carpet. In these highly photographed moments, discolouration in a smile could be the first thing people notice.

A bright, white smile can do so much for your confidence – it complements your face, outfit and lifestyle and says a whole lot about you, without you saying a word. Add a Teeth Whitening treatment to your beauty routine for your next event and see the difference it’ll make.

If you are looking for a quick whitening solution to achieve a radiant smile, Dr Serfontein offers his patients ZOOM! Teeth Whitening. The process is done in his office and whitens teeth in just an hour.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening is the preferred treatment for people with hectic schedules. It only takes around an hour to improve stained teeth or other tooth discolouration.

We start with a quick exam to make sure your gums and teeth are healthy, and then we coat the gums and soft tissues with a gel for protection. We then apply a layer of ZOOM! Whitening agent to the front of the teeth. After the laser light is positioned and left on for four 15-minute sessions, your teeth will look and feel great.

Get Red Carpet ready for your next event – whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or social engagement, a bright, white smile is the best accessory you could have. Contact Dr JJ Serfontein to schedule your appointment today, and give yourself the gift of confidence when you arrive at your next event.

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