How much do dental implants cost?

Dental implants are a complicated procedure. The process of placing them requires multiple dental professionals and at least two appointments. Since every case is unique and may need additional preparatory treatments, we can’t estimate a cost without consultation to assess your needs. Before you decide to get implants and you have your consultation, it’s worth knowing how the cost of dental implants can change dramatically depending on many different factors.

To learn about those factors, keep reading this post from a dentist who’s restored numerous implants!

Why do the prices of implants change?

If you’ve ever called a dental practice and asked how much dental implants cost, you probably didn’t get an answer right away. That’s because it would be irresponsible for dentists to give you a cost without assessing your bone strength and loss, the health of your gums and the extent of your tooth loss. If your gums and jawbone aren’t in a healthy state, you will need treatments to prepare them to receive and hold the implant so your costs would change. 

This is why we have to begin the process with a consultation and assessment – you might be surprised at what your options are.

How much do the titanium screws cost?

The titanium screw is the part of the implant that is implanted into the jawbone—the titanium screw costs between R5000 and R7000.

How much do the abutments and restorations cost?

An abutment is a section that connects the implant to the crown or restoration. This piece costs between R2000 and R3000 for a single tooth. 

The restoration is the crown or “fake tooth” that sits on top of the implant and give you the look and feel of a natural tooth. The crown can cost between R8 000 and R10 000.

Why are dental implant components so expensive?

Dental implants are built to last – they need to be able to function safely and effectively for many many years, so they have to be made with the highest quality materials. 

Creating these restorations and components are also extremely complicated. They need to be custom-built for each unique case, and so they need to take bone and gum health, as well as placement into account when they’re designed. 

How the preparatory procedures impact the cost of implants?

Bone Augmentation: You may need a bone graft to place implants. Bone grafts use outsourced bone, either from other parts of your own body or from medical facilities, to increase and reshape your existing natural jawbone so that it can hold the implant. 

Sinus Lift: This procedure adds bone to your upper jaw. Your sinuses are air-filled spaces on either side of your nose. They can affect dental implants that replace missing back teeth in your upper jaw. Added bone makes the jaw stronger in this area so it can support an implant.

There are also procedures which prepare the gums and soft tissue for implants, but depending on which procedures you need, you can expect to add around R15 000 to your implant bill.

How much does the full dental implant process cost?

A single dental implant costs between R40 000 and R60 00. 

This is mostly due to the amount of work it takes to place an implant. Multiple dental professionals need to bee included to ensure that everything from the health of the surrounding tissue to the angle and placement are perfect. 

Where can I get dental implants?

If you are interested in Dental Implants, contact us! Dr JJ Serfontein has overseen several implant surgeries over the years. We begin the process with a consultation and assessment, after which you will be given a cost estimate and treatment plan. 

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