How smile makeovers transform your face

A beautiful, healthy smile does more than just change your appearance. It can truly boost your confidence and change your life for the better.

If you are self-conscious about your smile, or you tend to hide it in pictures, a smile makeover can help. With smile makeovers, we alter the shape of your teeth, the lining of your gums and align crooked teeth. The result is an aesthetically pleasing result that will compliment your facial features and structure.

Let’s take a look at how smile makeovers improve your appearance and boost your overall confidence.

Smile makeovers improve the look of your gums.

As we get older, our gums tend to shrink, so a certain degree of gum recession is normal. On the other hand, some people have gums that rest too high or low on their teeth. We call this a “gummy smile”. We use a smile makeover treatment called gum contouring to improve the look of your gums. Gum contouring is an advanced procedure that changes the shape of the gum line to even the gum line.

A smile makeover improves the appearance of your jawline.

Missing teeth can result in jaw collapse and shrinkage- factors that can alter the lower face and make it look more aged. We place dental bridges and dental implants into the jaw and function as brand new tooth roots. This stops the body from absorbing the minerals from the area around a missing tooth and keeps the facial structure intact. Depending on the extent of teeth damage, we may use dental crowns, bridges, to restore the visible portion of the teeth. This adds support to the lips to ensure plumper lips and more a youthful look in that area.

Smile makeovers can improve the appearance of your lips

Your smile is one of your most prominent facial features, and it aids in shaping the lower half of your face. Changes in tooth size or the narrowing of your jaw can allow the lips to sink in and lead to a more aged appearance. To solve this issue, orthodontic solutions such as Clear Aligners can be incredibly useful. Dental bridges, veneers, crowns and implants can also restore fullness to the lips by replacing missing teeth. They lengthen the visible portion of the teeth, helping to lift the lips and produce fullness to the area around the mouth.

A Smile Makeover Targets Wrinkles and Folds

Our teeth and skin develop together during our teenage and young adult years. They are proportioned to fit and blend in with one another. However, as teeth get worn down, the lower third of the face can actually shrink, while the skin remains the same. This forces the skin to hand down or fold, creating folds and wrinkles around the mouth,

When we reconstruct your smile as part of a smile makeover, we are able to restore the youthful proportions of your face. Using a better match between your skin and jaws, you will see a big improvement in these concerns.

Mooimaak smile makeovers

In the popular makeover show MooiMaak, Dr JJ Serfontein improves the lives of guests by making the very best of their personal and unique smiles. The participants were over the moon to be able to say goodbye to feeling insecure about their teeth. Everyone left with a confident step, a healthy smile, a confident step, and of course, a radiant smile. The improvement on their teeth and gums also had a positive effect on the beauty of their faces.

Take a look at some of the incredible Smile Makeovers we did for a Mooimaak participant:

You can take a look at more of our Mooimaak Smiles here.

For a smile makeover that will help your dreams come true, contact JJS Dentistry. Dr JJ Serfontein and his team have spent years creating smile makeovers for people across the globe. 

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