How to achieve your desired smile when you fear the dentist.

It is only common for people to be afraid of paying a visit to their dentist. This is because of the pain associated with dental procedures.  However, at Dr JJ Serfontein’s dental practice, you can get rid of your dental problems and achieve that perfect smile you have always wanted.

Each person has a different level of pain tolerance. Sedation dentistry can help reduce the pain for each procedure. This is particularly beneficial if the patient is young, suffers from panic attacks or moves a lot or the dental procedure is long. Dr Serfontein may give intravenous, oral or topical sedatives to make the procedure painless.

If you want to get rid of your dental problems once and for all and you’re in Cape Town, take the time to visit the dental clinics in the city. You can address your dental need and have fun at the same time. Don’t forget to ask questions. This will help you better understand the dental process you will go through. Always keep in mind that Dr Serfontein is there to help you determine the best solution to your dental problem. He will be happy to help you achieve the perfect set of teeth you desire.

To contact a prestigious dentist in Cape Town, give Dr JJ Serfontein a call today.


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