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It’s 2018, and we’ve been in the 21st century for a while – so why would you see a dentist who still uses the same dental technology from 1985? If you’re searching for a dentist in Cape Town who offers innovative procedures like CEREC same-day crowns, soft tissue lasers, intra-oral cameras, and 3D imaging, Optimal Dental is the practice for you. We utilize the safest, most revolutionary techniques that not only improve the oral health of our patients, and also save them time in the process. Find out more about our advanced methods in this post.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC is a revolutionary technology that provides a long-lasting porcelain dental crown in one office visit. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (also known as CE-ramic REC-onstruction).

When you see Dr. Serfontein, he’ll use a digital camera to take a detailed picture of your mouth and the tooth that needs to be repaired. Then, an advanced computer software will convert that picture into the dental crown that’s right for you. At that point, you’ll have your tooth prepared to make it ready for the placement of the CEREC crown. Lastly, an in-office milling unit will create your perfectly designed crown from a single block of porcelain – all right there in Dr. Serfontein’s office, in the very same appointment.

What Is A Soft Tissue Laser?

We use the BioLase soft tissue laser to reduce the bleeding and discomfort that can commonly occur with some procedures like cosmetic gum recontouring, scaling and root planning for gum disease. Traditionally, when using a scalpel and stitches to address problematic gum tissue, the recovery was lengthy and highly uncomfortable. This laser treatment allows Dr. Serfontein to be remarkably specific when treating the gums, making recovery pleasant and fast.

What Are Intra-Oral Cameras Used For?

A picture is worth a thousand words – rather than just describing the problems Dr. Serfontein finds when he examines your mouth, these cameras take a picture of the issues so you can see exactly what he sees. These pictures make a big impact and are key in increasing oral health issues that are better believed when seen.

What Is 3D Imaging?

This state-of-the-art technology helps our team give you the perfect smile you deserve. With a scan that takes just a couple of seconds, our 3D Imaging system creates a complete, high-definition, 3D image of your smile. Since it’s important to have the full picture when creating the smile that’s right for you, there’s no better way than to see the important details than with this digital asset.

So, if you’re ready for dental treatment that’s actually from this century, schedule your appointment with Dr. Serfontein at Optimal Dentistry today – we’ll keep your smile beautiful!

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