It’s never too late to obtain that perfect smile

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Although braces have always been associated with pre-teens or teenagers, a recent study has shown that almost 40% of all orthodontic patients are adults. With the rise of subtle braces – such as ceramic braces and Invisalign – patients of all ages are now able to finally get the perfect smile they’ve always wanted.

With the advent of lightweight and cosmetically friendly braces, the days of being a “metal mouth” are over. The brackets on braces have become considerably smaller over the last 15 years. Orthodontists no longer use all the bands which wrap all the way around the tooth as they did before. The latest innovations in braces are less painful and can be worn for a shorter period of time – 12 to 20 months – making more adults take the plunge to wearing braces.

The main reason behind the rise in adult orthodontics can be contributed to the fact that as we age our teeth shift. This can be due to injury, a condition called tongue thrust, or natural growth. Some adults find that their previously straight teeth have grown crooked and overcrowded. This causes jaw ache and difficulties cleaning your teeth. And mostly, it forces you to face an unattractive smile after becoming accustomed to seeing a beautiful smile whenever you look into the mirror.

Most people want a great smile, and adults know that it can make a great difference not only in their personal but also their professional lives. Many say the payoff is worth the temporary inconvenience and expense of braces.

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