It’s time to get rid of your loose dentures

The consequences of having loose dentures can be far-reaching. Even though you can use denture adhesives to prevent embarrassment when your dentures slip out of your mouth, denture adhesives do not solve the underlying problem: your dentures just don’t fit as well as it used to. Ill-fitting dentures can affect your nutrition, making it difficult to eat a proper balanced diet. Without a healthy diet, your general health and oral health will be affected. So, how do you get rid of your loose dentures?

The best way to stabilize loose dentures is with dental implants. With implant supported dentures, you would still need to remove your dentures for regular cleaning, but instead of having dentures resting on your gums, implant supported dentures will clip onto titanium posts that get inserted into your jawbone. This ensures that your dentures won’t move around or slip out of your mouth when you talk and eat.

Most patients have implant supported dentures placed in their lower jaw, as the lower jaw is on a hinge that allows the jaw to move up and down, as well as side to side. Since the tongue has to fit between the lower dentures, it can be frustrating when the strength of the tongue causes the dentures to move around when implants do not support it. Patients who have chosen implant supported dentures claim to have an enhanced quality of life, with increased confidence, comfort, and eating abilities.

Dentures on the upper jaw are typically quite successful due to the suction fit and immobility of the upper jaw – the upper jaw is part of our skull, and the lower jaw is the one that bites up when we eat. Having implant supported dentures on the upper jaw, allows your sense of taste to return, as it reduces the gag sensation and frees up the palate space that conventional dentures would cover.

As always, a dental consultation will help you make an informed decision when deciding if implant supported dentures is the right solution for you. To book a consultation, contact a dentist in Cape Town today.

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