Optimise Your Oral Health

Everyone knows that brushing and flossing are necessary to keep your teeth in good shape, as it helps to prevent cavities between six-month visits to your dentist’s office. However, going the extra mile, especially to whiten, remove harmful germs, and to strengthen the enamel of your teeth, can go a long way toward making sure your teeth, gums, and mouth stay in optimal shape. Taking a few steps to revolutionise the way you care for your oral health can add value to your smile, helping you feel confident in all steps of life.

Here are the necessary steps that will optimise your oral health:

Things to do before bedtime

Brush your teeth – Failure to brush your teeth at night will cause a thick layer of plaque to develop on your teeth. This layer of plaque can lead to tooth erosion and dental decay. If you’re going to bed straight after eating dinner, and you’ve consumed wine or tea or other acidic beverage and an hour has not yet passed, then at the very least take the time to floss, making sure to remove plaque from the gum line and in between the teeth. Additionally, you want to rinse your mouth very well with water or mouthwash while swishing vigorously.

Floss – Since you only need to floss once a day, flossing before getting into bed is best. However, you can also choose an additional time during the day to floss, should you feel the need.

Things to do in the morning

Brush your teeth before doing anything else – The first thing that you should do after getting out of bed should be to brush your teeth. Do not eat anything in the morning without first brushing your teeth because you would essentially be ingesting all the harmful bacteria that matured in your mouth overnight.

Eat breakfast – sticking to a healthy and balanced meal for your breakfast will not only enable you to remain active throughout the day, but the essential minerals and vitamins will make your teeth stronger and more resistant to dental infections.

Remember, your teeth will erode if you are not careful about your oral hygiene and diet. Therefore, if you look after your teeth, and ensure you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet, you can keep dental problems at bay. Brushing your teeth before bedtime and again after waking up should be a part of your regular oral hygiene routine. For more information on oral health, contact a dentist in Cape Town.


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