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Cosmetic dentistry has developed tremendously over the years, and smile makeovers are much more accessible. Before the age of social media, only celebrities and high profile people have access to information about this, and only they knew their beauty secret. The perfect smile is something that many people want. What that looks like is up to each person, but a specialist can help you establish a look that will be unique to your facial features. Sometimes we see something we like on a person, but that something would not necessarily suit us. The role of your dentist would be to ensure that you get what is best for you.

A complete smile makeover typically consists of a combination of different cosmetic treatments. These include teeth whitening of your natural teeth, getting porcelain veneers to hide any imperfections and to enhance your natural smile. Different people may have varied treatments to achieve a makeover. The treatment depends on the extent of the damage on the teeth. Nevertheless, tailor your smile with your dentist during your consultation because everyone is looking for total perfection.

The smile makeover treatment process

  1. Smile makeovers involve an essential design stage to create the best results. There is a computer system that processes an image of the patient’s teeth, which are redesigned using powerful graphics software to establish a guide. You can help design your smile and pictures of the look you are going for always help, so feel free to show your dentist.
  2. The next step in a smile makeover is to take impressions. Before creating your new smile, the doctor needs to create a physical model of your teeth so that the master ceramist can accurately create a 3d model from the smile design. The dental model is then used to look at aesthetics from angles.
  3. In the case that you are getting veneers or crowns, you need temporaries which are then placed using a template made from the 3d preview model. This preview is the trial smile before creating the final smile makeover. It gives you a chance to test out if you like the design before making a commitment. This process makes it easier to implement changes that you want to build into the final product.

This is a step by step process that is designed to ensure client satisfaction. It makes the smile makeovers highly predictable and uniquely fine-tuned to every person. Investing in a full smile makeover comes with an array of advantages. There is such a wide selection of treatments that you can receive, which will enable you to achieve your perfect smile and gain the confidence you deserve.

You can opt for a full smile makeover if you want to change your look although most candidates suffer from chipped teeth, stained teeth, a gummy smile or uneven teeth. These can lead to issues related to low self-esteem, which is why many people undergo a full smile makeover, to gain more confidence and smile bright.

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