Sedation Dentistry

For many people, the thought of visiting a dentist makes their body numb with fear. Odontophobia (the fear of visiting a dentist) is quite common amongst children and adults alike. People who have this phobia would rather endure the agony of toothache than visit a dentist. These people generally avoid the dentist like the plague, and would prefer not having any oral treatments done. Dental anxiety is an inconvenience that prevents patients from getting the oral health care that they need, however, many dentist are aware of this and offer assistance in making every dental visit as comfortable as possible, through the use of sedation dentistry.

Sedations can be used for any and all dental procedures, from invasive procedures such as root canal treatment, to a simple tooth cleaning. This is a safe and effective way to allow patients with odontophobia or dental anxiety to be relaxed and calm during their procedures.

Oral sedation is one of the few ways that sedatives can be administered. This preferred method of sedation requires no needles. Unlike general anaesthetics, oral sedation dentistry it the same as taking Valium, and does not leave patients completely asleep. It merely puts patients into a dream-like state, while allowing them to breathe independently and respond to verbal commands. In some cases, a dose of oral sedation may cause patients to fall asleep, but they be awakened with a gentle shake.

With sedation dentistry, getting proper oral care from your dentist is no longer an uncomfortable, frightening or painful experience. However, before opting for sedation dentistry, you will need to find out how much experience your dentist has with regards to this procedure. The more experience, the better.

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