Why we should all practice Slow Dentistry

We could all do with some slowing down in our lives, but Slow Dentistry is more than a means of encouraging dentists to take more time with their treatments and patients.

Slow Dentistry is a movement that seeks to change the way dentists practice and engage with patients. It’s about raising the standard of care and providing innovative solutions to complex dental issues – something we are experts in at JJS Dentistry.

The need to slow down

In modern times, dentists are facing issues they never have before. There’s an urgent need to see more patients in a short amount of time and a highly competitive industry. However, this can lead to rushed treatments, mistakes and poor patient experiences.

The Slow Dentistry movement implores dentists and dental practices to take their time with patients and promote quality over quantity. We are living in an age where we prioritise the patient’s experience, including quality care and safety.

We believe in protecting our patients and staff and providing world-class care tailored to each patient, which is why we are firm advocates for Slow Dentistry and implement it daily in our practice.

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Elements of Slow Dentistry

Many factors are involved in promoting Slow Dentistry, and we take care to include them all at JJS Dentistry to ensure our patients receive a high standard during each and every appointment.

Hygiene care

Much like our care, we ensure that our dental practice maintains a high standard. Hygiene is essential for any medical facility, so we conduct routine cleanings and disinfections throughout the practice to prevent the spread of bacteria.

As a medical facility, we must adhere to universal and country-specific hygiene guidelines. Still, we go above and beyond to ensure our dental clinic is patient-ready.

Pain-free dentistry

Despite advancements in technology, there is still a stigma against dental practices. In addition, specific procedures can cause patients to feel anxious or uncomfortable. Slow Dentistry is about utilising advanced technology to ensure pain-free experiences for patients. 

At JJS Dentistry, we use various sedation techniques to help our patients feel relaxed and at ease during their treatments. Our friendly staff also provide a welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere to all patients.

Informed consent

Patient consent is an essential part of providing dental treatment. Slow Dentistry encourages us to prioritise patient health and safety above all else through informed consent. 

As a patient, you deserve to make informed decisions about your healthcare. Therefore, we thoroughly explain each procedure to patients and ensure they are aware of potential risks or complications.

All patients are required to sign a consent form before treatment, ensuring both your and our staff’s safety throughout the process.

Quality care

Although we endeavour to make your visit as efficient as possible, we still want you to receive proper care and attention to your dental needs. Slow Dentistry promotes quality over speed to allow each patient the same level of expert care. 

By combining our advanced technology and Slow Dentistry elements, we can treat patients efficiently and maintain a high standard of service.

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The benefits of Slow Dentistry

Slow Dentistry is truly a movement that benefits everyone, from practitioners to patients. With a primary focus on patient health and safety, we can improve our techniques and reputation.

Other advantages of Slow Dentistry include:

  • Improved treatment results
  • Patient-driven treatments
  • Better understanding and communication between patients and practitioners
  • Increased safety and concern for patients and staff
  • Fewer complications and less risk in procedures
  • Improved reputation and brand image
  • Longer-lasting results
  • Greater satisfaction for practitioners and patients

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