Smile Makeover Preview and Treatment

Before you can undergo a smile makeover, your cosmetic dentist has to conduct a broad evaluation of your teeth, bite, underlying support structure and gums. This helps to determine candidacy for a smile makeover. However, if the evaluation reveals that you have poor oral health – such as misaligned bite or gum disease – treatment will be recommended before the smile makeover process can commence.

Since treatment for a bad bite involves most –if not all – of the teeth, a full mouth reconstruction will take place. A full mouth reconstruction might take more time, but because it improves the appearance of your smile, patients are usually very pleased with the resulting transformation.

Smile Makeover Preview

An essential part of the smile makeover process is the preview, where you will be able to see possible results of the smile makeover before the treatment begins. Cosmetic dentists combine a variety of dental technologies to show you the changes you can expect to see in your smile.

For example, your cosmetic dentist will create a wax model mock-up of temporary teeth during your evaluation for veneers and crowns, to ensure that you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan.

Other methods available for you to preview your smile makeover include:

Dental Imaging Software: Your cosmetic dentist may use imaging technology to show you the specifications for your procedure to other dental professionals involved in your treatment plan. However, the digital image only gives you an idea of what your smile might look like once the makeover is completed, and does might not fully match your final results.

Before and After Photos: The before and after photos of other patients who had smile makeovers give you examples of the results you could expect to see, as well as give you an idea of work performed by your cosmetic dentist.

Dental Study Models: An impression of your teeth will be made and filled with plaster to form an exact model of your teeth. Cosmetic dentists use study models to communicate the aspects of the changes with you. Dental lab technicians use study models as guides for constructing makeover materials like veneers and crowns.

Your dentists may also work with a laboratory that uses digital technologies, making it possible to use digital scans of your teeth instead of using traditional impressions, when creating the models of your teeth and smile.

Dental Composite Bonding Mock-up: This may serve as a mock-up of your smile makeover, where the dentist can temporarily bond composite resin material to your teeth, allowing you to see the impact of the procedure before treatment begins. With regards to veneers, dental composite bonding helps you identify the comfortability, look, feel and fit. Dental composite bonding can be adjusted until you are comfortable with the function and appearance of your smile, and temporary mock-ups have no impact on your teeth once removed.

Duration and Cost of Your Smile Makeover

The duration and cost of your treatment depend on the state of your oral health, your dentist, location, medical aid and extent of your makeover plan. If your cosmetic dentist identifies an oral health issue, a smile makeover may take significantly longer and will cost you more than someone with good oral health.


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