A smile makeover that transforms your self-confidence

Dr JJ is a specialist in smile makeovers with clients from across the world. Medical tourism is not a strange phenomenon in South Africa, and you can get a high-quality dental transformation. This treatment encompasses a combination of different cosmetic procedures with a smile design to achieve your desired image. Depending on the look that you are going for and the status of your oral health, you will receive a variety of treatments including teeth whitening, gum contouring, dental crowns or veneers, among other possibilities.

If you are uncomfortable with your smile or you have crooked teeth, this can be changed for the better. A makeover is suitable for people who are looking to have a full transformation rather than a minor change. With a smile transformation, you change the structural shape of your teeth, the lining of your gums and correct the alignment of any crooked or displaced teeth. You can get the desired proportions that will compliment your facial structure and features.

Components of a beautiful smile

Every patient will receive a unique smile. No one smile is ever the same. It is advisable to come in with an image of a look that your desire, but it should be adjusted to fit your vision better. The best thing to do when looking for inspiration is to look for people that have a similar facial make up as you do. If they look entirely different to you, their smile will most likely not compliment your uniqueness. In your initial consultation with your doctor, you will be able to present what you desire to have, and your doctor will provide their professional opinion on what is best for you aesthetically and for your health.

What makes a beautiful smile is healthy looking teeth as the top priority. Good looking teeth are clean, have a natural white colour and fit the mouth perfectly. Sometimes our natural teeth are discoloured over time, are uneven in structure or are simply disproportional to the rest of our face. A perfect smile has all of these components corrected. The teeth are the same size, are not too big or too small, the colour is a pearly white that is fitting for your skin tone and your gums well aligned for the size and structure of your teeth and lips.

If you are looking to elevate your look, gain more confidence in your everyday personal and professional life with a smile makeover. Dr JJ is the best in town when it comes to this life-changing dental treatment. Contact our offices today for your consultation.

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