Smile Makeover | What does it entail?

If you are unhappy with your teeth or the appearance of your smile, a smile makeover procedure may be of particular interest to you. One of the aspects of a smile makeover is that it is tailored to suit your specific dental requirements, and it could include a series of invasive or non-invasive treatments. The smile makeover procedure may include one or more of the following cosmetic treatments:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the modern way of replacing teeth that had been damaged beyond repair. A dental implant consists of a post which is inserted into the gums and anchored to your jaw bone, making it appear as if it emerges naturally from the gum. It is durable and has the best success rate of any dental treatment

Dental Veneers

When your teeth are discoloured, chipped, mottled or misaligned, dental veneers are the ideal option as one of the treatments you will undergo as part of your smile makeover. These thin shells are created and shaped to match your teeth, before being bonded to the front of your teeth. Veneers provide durable coverage for a variety of dental flaws, while improving the colour and appearance of your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Even if you practice meticulous oral hygiene, teeth are prone to becoming discoloured due to food, beverages and bad habits such as smoking. Teeth whitening treatments can whiten and brighten your teeth, giving you a more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smile, with long-lasting results.


People of all ages are realising the benefits of perfectly aligned teeth. Not only does orthodontic treatment align your teeth, it can also improve the function of your teeth and your bite. Orthodontic appliances range from the traditional braces with brackets, to clear aligners, which use invisible removable trays.

White Fillings and Crowns

Previously, dentists used silver or amalgam fillings to restore damaged or cracked teeth. There has been many debates about whether or not silver or amalgam fillings are toxic, due to the mercury it contains. In 2009, the FDA evaluated these fillings and concluded that it safe to use in dentistry. However, it is not aesthetically pleasing, nor is it durable. Therefore, white fillings and crowns have been created to provide a durable and natural-looking solution to restorative dentistry.

The above-mentioned treatments are only a few ways that your smile can be dramatically improved. If you want realistic results that last a lifetime, contact a dentist in Cape Town who will be able to help you obtain your most beautiful smile.

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