Take a Trip – Get a new Smile

South Africa is home to some of the best dentists in the world. With insanely high care standards, cutting-edge technology and extreme attention to detail, it’s no wonder that thousands of tourists are opting to have their smile rejuvenated while on vacation in Africa!


Sun, Surf, and Safari make South Africa the ideal vacation spot, and with the high caliber of health professionals available, it’s become a hub for cosmetic surgery. Cape Town dentist Dr. J. J. Serfontein has seen a large increase in international patients who plan on having dental surgery, and recovering on the pristine beaches of Cape Town, surrounded by nature, wildlife and all the culture Cape Town has to offer.


Why travel all the way to Africa for Dental Surgery though? Well, because it’s much cheaper than dental surgery in first world countries, and Dr. J. J. Serfontein is internationally accredited – meaning you get first world service for a fraction of the price.


Dr. Serfontein strictly adheres to international standards, so everything from his techniques, equipment, materials and even his staff are of the highest calibre. If you’re looking for the very best, this Cape Town dental practice is the place for you.


What kind of procedures constitute a vacation for recovery? That depends on your idea of “recovery”. Most dental tourists want the full monty – The Smile Makeover. This treatment option consists of multiple procedures to completely reinvent your appearance and give you what we call a “Hollywood Smile”, a smile which is perfect for you based on your unique features and facial aesthetics.


These procedures could include the application of veneers, a whitening treatment, gum contouring and even a few implants – and while you recover, you can enjoy a safari, some of the most picturesque vineyards in the world, stunning beaches, decadent food and all the offerings of one of the top tourist destinations in the world.


So, why not come to Cape Town and have your teeth done? Honestly, if you’re considering dental surgery and you’re expecting a recovery period – turn it into a vacation and give Dr. J. J. Serfontein a call. His expert team will assist you with planning and organising the best trip to the dentist you’ve ever had!



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