The Beauty of The Smile Makeover

When you do not feel confident enough to smile, a smile makeover can be your best bet at gaining back your confidence. A makeover includes a series of different cosmetic procedures to ensure that you get superior results. In a lot of cases, people are of aware of the array of option available to fix teeth. You can correct crooked teeth, whiten your teeth for a fresher look and fill in any gaps between your teeth. Depending on your dental and aesthetic needs, some treatments are straightforward and not invasive while others are more detailed and require more attention.

Before you can have your cosmetic enhancements made, you need to get a diagnosis. This dental evaluation will help your doctor identify any possible risks that may be involved with your treatment and to ensure that you get the best set of aesthetic solutions for you. Some of the main aspects considered before administering your treatment are your facial structure, natural tooth structure, gum tissue and your skin tone. These are discussed so that your new smile is unique to your natural features.

What constitutes your perfect smile?

A perfect smile is a healthy smile. If your teeth are not well taken care of, your smile will only deteriorate along with the breath. But common issues like crooked teeth, unwanted gaps and extremely discoloured teeth sometimes leave people unhappy with their natural smile. We all have differently shaped teeth and facial structures which can be un-proportional. A smile makeover aims to make your teeth more proportional to your facial structure, jawline and lips. The new teeth cannot be overly white or oddly shaped to the point of them not matching your natural features.

Benefits of a smile makeover

There are various benefits of having a cosmetic dental treatment, like a smile makeover. Besides the immediate look that you get, it ensures better oral health by prioritising the rectification of widely spaced, misaligned, crooked and chipped teeth. You get a more youthful appearance because they look healthier than teeth with imperfections like discolouration. More importantly, you will have less oral complications in the future; issues such as overlapping and overcrowded teeth will be fixed as a part of the aesthetic change. This change reduces the risk of possible oral complications such as gum diseases and tooth decay.

Dr JJ has extensive experience in treating both local and international smile makeover clients. He specialises in cosmetic dentistry and is one of the best practitioners in his field. To book your consultation, you can contact our offices and receive superior service.

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