The Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene Part 2

In our previous blog (“The Effects of Poor Oral Health, we discussed the dangerous consequences that poor oral hygiene could have on you overall health. We highlighted Pancreatic Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease and spoke about the research that had been done to determine how they are linked to oral health problems. Here are three more serious health problems that are linked to gum disease:

Pregnancy complications

Research done by the American Academy of Periodontology, revealed that periodontal disease may increase the risk of premature birth and resultant low birth weight. Pregnant women who are diabetic are at a greater risk of gum inflammation and other severe gum disease. Fortunately, studies done on the link between pregnancy complications and periodontal disease, revealed that periodontal therapy may help to reduce the risk of premature births which lead to low birth weights. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women who have periodontal disease schedule regular dental appointments from a periodontist.

Bacterial chest infections

Bacterial chest infections are caused by breathing in bacteria from the throat and mouth into the lungs. This may lead to infections like pneumonia, which could pose a threat to frail, elderly people who may die from it. People with gum disease have more bacteria in their mouths and may therefore be more likely to develop chest infections. Good oral hygiene is extremely important for anyone who falls into this category.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease, which affects blood pressure and bone health, seem to be linked to poor oral health. Periodontists have found that adults who are completely or partially toothless, may be at a higher risk of developing chronic kidney infections and kidney failures, as opposed to people who have no missing teeth.

Good oral hygiene is an important ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Failing to take proper care of your oral health is not worth the many illnesses that you will be faced with in the long run. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today, to ensure that you receive some peace of mind regarding your health and that of your family. Contact us for a Dentist in Cape Town.




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