The Importance of a Smile | Cape Town Dentist Dr JJ Serfontein

The most powerful ingredient in the recipe for a successful career, love and social life, is the one that does not get mentioned very often, yet it is essential: A beautiful and healthy smile. While pearly white teeth and proper oral hygiene habits can dramatically enhance your smile, crooked, stained and discoloured teeth can ruin your smile as well as affect your confidence.

When your colleagues, employees or customers speak to you, in most cases, you will look up and smile. If you are not confident about the appearance of your smile, you might only say “hey” and look down. Smiling bonds people and lets them know that you are trying to form a relationship with them. Therefore, whether you are in the corporate world or running your own business, an aesthetically pleasing smile is crucial to your success.

The same applies at home and in your social circles. Smiling at someone makes them feel good, it makes you more likable, and it helps you to form or deepen bonds with them.

The advantages of a beautiful and healthy smile stretch beyond oral health, playing an important role in the way others perceive you. The benefits of a beautiful smile include:

Improved self-esteem

Your smile influences your self-confidence. Boosting your confidence is as easy and putting your best smile on your face. Smiling improves your emotional state by sending signals to your brain. These signals release endorphins which boost your mood.

Better relationships

Smiles are contagious, so when you smile at someone, the chances are that person will return your smile. Having a beautiful smile draws people closer, making it easier for you to obtain good relationships with those you meet.


Smiles are better than makeup when it comes to enhancing your appearance and making you appear more attractive. An attractive smile can make you look and feel beautiful and youthful.

Improved speech

Tooth obstructions and other abnormalities can affect the way you speak and pronounce words. By adjusting your teeth, you will no longer suffer from embarrassment and ridicule when you talk.

Improved health

With optimal oral health, you will be able to eat the food you love, and your teeth will allow you to chew and digest food properly, thereby improving your general health and physical wellbeing.

If you are not happy with your smile, the best way to achieve your desired smile is by visiting a cosmetic dentist in cape town who can educate you about the various procedures that you can undergo to effectively improve the appearance of your smile. Contact a Dentist in Cape Town today.

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