The Importance of Heathy Gums

Many people focus on keeping their teeth healthy but don’t realise the importance of keeping their gums healthy

Your gums are made from delicate skin, in order to protect the bones of your teeth. They provide a barrier to bacteria which is why it is important to keep your teeth clean and try to floss daily to prevent the buildup of plaque on the surface of your teeth.

If plaque is not cleaned from your teeth it could cause inflammation of the gum which would lead to a condition known as gingivitis. If not treated, gingivitis could develop into an infection of the gums, known as periodontal disease, which could slowly destroy the gum as well as the bones around the teeth.

The effects of periodontal disease vary between gingivitis to advanced periodontitis – the loss of bony tooth structure – which is responsible for tooth loss. It has been discovered that people with periodontal disease are at higher risk of experiencing certain health complications and diseases. These diseases include chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, as well as cardiovascular disease.

The chronic respiratory disease is caused because it was found that the specific type of oral bacteria that causes periodontal disease can be drawn into the lower respiratory tracts. Cardiovascular disease occurs when the bacteria found in periodontal diseases spread to the heart.

If plaque is left on the teeth too long it causes bacteria to build up and enables the bacteria to spread. A buildup of bacteria will form below the gum line, which would eventually cause the gum to recede, exposing the tooth and could cause decay. If the gum tissue recedes it can cause the teeth to become very sensitive to extremely high or low temperatures.

There are many problems that could be caused by not having a good oral hygiene routine but there are many ways to prevent the problems from arising.

It is important to ensure that you brush your teeth every day and try flossing regularly. It’s also recommended to get regular check-ups with a dentist to make sure that your gums are as healthy as they should be, and if not, the dentist can inform you on how to take care of your gums to prevent complications. A healthy diet could also prevent periodontal disease, preferably foods that are rich in vitamin C, due to the fact that vitamin C is high in antioxidants which heal and repair the connective tissue. It’s also recommended for you to refrain from smoking due to the fact that people who smoke are also more susceptible to gum disease because the tobacco affects the attachment of bone to the soft tissue of the teeth. The tobacco also reduces blood flow to the gums which could cause discolouration of the gums.

There are many complications that could occur if your teeth and gums are not properly cleaned and cared for, and there are many ways to treat the diseases and eradicate the complications but its best to prevent them from ever occurring, the best way to do that is to practice good oral hygiene.

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