The Negative Consequences of Smoking

Smoking has many negative consequences that can affect your overall as well as oral health. Since the mouth is used to inhale the tobacco smoke, your mouth is the first thing to suffer if you are a smoker. If you have been smoking for a while and struggling to kick the habit, this list of negative oral health consequences might make you think twice about lighting your next cigarette:

• Tooth discoloration: smoking can seriously degrade the quality of your smile by staining the teeth. Along with eating certain types of food, smoking is one of the leading causes of tooth discoloration.

• Bad breath: if your breath has been bad no matter how many oral products you consume it might be the smoking. Keep in mind that a non-smoker can very easily sense the smoking odour, and it’s not an attractive feature.

• Dental surgery problems: smokers have a harder time being successful with dental implant procedures.

• Oral cancer: smoking has been proven to cause cancer, and oral cancer is one of the problems that can develop after prolonged use.

• Jaw: as we age bone mass deteriorates, but as a result of smoking the rate of bone mass loss in the jaw will be accelerated.

• Other oral health problems: smoking is known to be the leading cause of tooth loss and can lead to gum disease.

For many smokers, breaking the habit is not the easiest task, even with nicotine patches and prescription drugs. If you are serious about quitting, contact a dentist in Cape Town who can educate you on the best methods or treatments to help you live a longer, smoke-free life.




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