The risks of “at-home” teeth whitening products.

Everyone wants a whiter and brighter smile. Therefore, people are constantly trying new products that promise to make your smile more attractive. With teeth bleaching products readily available in grocery stores and pharmacies, it is no surprise that people opt for over-the-counter whitening products. However, these products could cause serious damage to your mouth and general health, which would be painful and expensive to repair.

People who opt for over the counter bleaching kits put themselves at risk of developing stomach problems, toothache, gum shrinkage, mouth infections and even nerve damage. Additionally, they might find that their teeth are spotty or patchy as a result of unevenly applying the bleach. People with deep cavities could experience immediate complications as the bleach could go through the tooth enamel, into the blood vessels damaging the nerve, bone and root of the tooth. Inevitably resulting in tooth loss.

If you have healthy gums and teeth, you may still be faced with the negative side effects of teeth whitening products that are not recommended by your dentist. Teeth whitening products work by removing stains from the tooth enamel, however, DIY teeth whitening products contain various levels of peroxide which eat away at the tooth enamel, causing your teeth to be sensitive to hot and cold food or beverages. Excessive use of these products, or using them incorrectly, could result in the enamel becoming slightly transparent, allowing the dentin to show. This will give your teeth a yellowish appearance.

When done as directed by a dentist, you are guaranteed to reap the rewards of a dazzlingly white smile. Contact us for a dentist in Cape Town who will give you a brighter and whiter smile without the unpleasantness of side effects.



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