Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth erupt in sets of four (upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left), however, not everyone will have four wisdom teeth, as the number of wisdom teeth can vary, you may have four or less wisdom teeth, but never more than four. Wisdom teeth have short roots and can’t adequately support bridges or partial dentures. Therefore, wisdom teeth are considered to be a vestigial organ, as it has no useful function.

When wisdom teeth grow misaligned or sideways, it presses on the nerves and bone, causing moderate to severe pain behind the molars. This pain will gradually increase while the wisdom tooth continues to grow. As wisdom teeth erupt it allows bacteria to enter through the open gum tissue, resulting in oral infections that could affect your overall health. However, there are two things that need to be considered before removing your wisdom teeth:


Removing your wisdom teeth merely because you have it, is not necessary. If you have two or four wisdom teeth coming in, you might have room on your jaw for it, so before scheduling a removal, ensure that the wisdom teeth actually need to be extracted. In most cases, a dentist will only recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth if they are growing in at an awkward angle or if they cause overcrowding.


Surgery may be required for removing the wisdom teeth that are impacted. If you find that your wisdom teeth are problematic, you need to make an appointment with the dentist. If you wait longer, you increase the risk of needing surgery because the problem only gets worse with time.

If you are having problems with the way your wisdom teeth are erupting, contact us for a dentist in Cape Town.

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