Wisdom tooth infections

For many people, wisdom teeth cause little to no problems. However, for some people, the erupting of their wisdom teeth can be painfully troublesome. This could either be due to a lack of space for the tooth to erupt, or due to an infection. If you find that your wisdom teeth are problematic, it would be wise for you to seek dental assistance before the pain becomes unbearable.

A wisdom tooth is considered as the third molar that is the last tooth to erupt. There are four wisdom teeth in total, one in each corner or the mouth. If there is a lack of space on the jaw, the wisdom teeth may press up against the neighbouring teeth, or grow at an angle. This is known as an impacted tooth, and would require an extraction.

Because wisdom teeth are located on the back corners of the mouth, it may be difficult to clean. Failure to properly clean your wisdom teeth may lead to an infection. Wisdom teeth infections are severely painful and are usually characterized by dental pain, tenderness, and swelling. With wisdom tooth infections, the pain can spread to the jaw, causing migraines and fever-like temperatures. Infections can also lead to abscesses, which often causes throbbing and severe pain.

In some cases, a wisdom tooth can be treated without extraction, however, when a wisdom tooth causes persistent or acute pain, it would be best to have the tooth removed. If your wisdom tooth has become infected or is causing any pain, it is of absolute importance that you contact your dentists before the infection spreads, causing more severe symptoms.

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