Zoom! Whitening has great benefits!

A bright, beautiful smile can make you look years younger, and yellow or stained teeth can significantly age you. You may use toothpaste and kits that contain whitening agents, but the effects tend to be temporary. This is why JJS Dentistry offers Zoom!® whitening at the Waterway House practice.

Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

The Zoom!® Whitening system is designed to make your teeth noticeably whiter! Zoom!® whitening has minimal irritation and typically takes only ONE, hour-long session to accomplish stunning results. The procedure is done by applying a unique bleaching solution to the surfaces of the teeth, and then exposing it to a specialized Zoom!® light to activate the treatment.

Do Results Last?

Your brightened smile can typically last between twelve and eighteen months. But you should maintain your proper oral hygiene routine and refrain from activities that stain the teeth, such as smoking and drinking coffee, sodas and red wine. By staying away from staining agents and maintaining proper oral health, you’ll ensure your results last for as long as possible.

Get a FREE cleaning this summer

JJS dentistry is happy to offer clients a great deal on their Zoom!® whitening treatment. Spoil yourself with a Clean and ZOOM! Whitening for SUMMER at JJS Dentistry – and get the professional cleaning for FREE.  

This offer is valid until 20 December 2019 and is subject to appointment availability. T’s & C’s Apply – The cost of the cleaning will be deducted after the completion of the whitening treatment.

 Please contact Stefni at reception@jjteeth.co.za to schedule your appointment.

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